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Feeding the World.

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The First and
THE Largest Dairy
Farm in Tanzania

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  • Sustainable Farming for a consistent and integrated supply chain

  • Facilitation and support to local farmers to enhance our communities through entrepreneurship

  • Reliable and quality animal feed


To become the source of a healthy community through the production of healthy and sustainable products


Lead Tanzania’s agricultural industry to become one of the worlds most reliable food supply industries to the region and the world


    Shafa Farms is a Tanzanian based Dairy Processing Plant established in 2022 located at SHAFA AGRO in Iringa. The plant produces 100% pure cows milk from cows which are milked on the same farm 10 yards from our processing facility. The plant is of international standards and the quality of milk used is carefully monitored from the feed grown at the field to the dairy meal processed at Shafa Mills and fed to the milking cows. Our mission is to provide the best quality Dairy products to our children family and population that beats any other international product on the shelf today at an affordable price.

  • FARM

    Our Farming activities at Shafa Agro are literally the routes for all our other activities and processes. Considered the Heart of Shafa Agro. It is the core to achieving sustainability and resilience. With focus on the earth, through soil quality and nutrition. The prevention of desertification through sustainable farming. As well as water security and efficiency. We seek to promote healthy farming methods throughout rural Tanzania to allow for efficient, technologically driven and sustainable farming to support our nations needs and the wider world.


    Shafa Mills is a Tanzanian based animal feed processing plant established in 2021. With fully integrated systems, automated for accuracy and with a state of the art laboratory facility. SHAFA Mills is established to serve the poultry and live animal farming with qualitative and consistent animal feed. We play part of a critical role in supporting our local farmers with consistent and quality feed products including nutritional advise for cost effective and profitable production.

Established in 2019 with the purpose of enhancing agriculture in Tanzania and providing sustainable, consistent food supply to our communities and the global population at affordable prices. Our farming activities commenced from milking cows, which made us today the first and largest commercial milking farm in Tanzania with its own fodder production on the farm for feed security.

We engage with our communities for grain production and providing logistics and storage facilities to promote grain trading by our local farmers.

We understand the importance of added value that comes along with farming. SHAFA AGRO constantly expands its farming operations and establishing processing plants for its locally sourced/produced farm products. Such as the establishment of Shafa Mills and Shafa Farms dairy plant.


  • Growing

  • Milling

  • Feeding

  • Milking

  • Processing